You Need a Villain

Your story needs a villain. An antagonist. Some dark anti-force that counteracts the intention of your hero, brand, team, or mission.

Here's the catch: The counter balance to your villain needs to be a hero, not a victim.

If you're a brand, maybe the villain to your story is a shift in the market or a change in consumer demands. If you're a celebrity, maybe your villain is a change in your point of view about life, or wanting to break out of character image. Or if you're a candidate, maybe your villain, your counter-force, is public complacency. Give your story a villain.

For decades, press releases, corporate communications, brand marketing, only told one side of the story and it's always glowing, positive, and without conflict. More importantly, not believable. Why? No conflict.

Give your hero -- brand, service, product, team, organization -- an opposing force, and without becoming a victim, weak, or lost, acknowledge that villain, meet that antagonist head-on, and with a compelling, unique, remarkable, or life-changing action, overcome the negativity to win.

Now you've got a story worth telling.