The Secret Ingredient to Every Great Story

We are rapidly approaching eight-billion people inhabiting Earth. Scientists suggest 100-billion people have walked this planet since the beginning of humanity. And yet there has never been, are, or will be, anyone remotely like you. No one. Ever.

Your story from birth to now is an extraordinary tale. How you came to be, how you survived childhood, your education, adversity, challenges, adolescents, college (or not), travel, relationships, finances, health, dreams, hopes, wishes, desires, are all infinitely unique to you. And if you're telling an enterprise story -- a story related to business -- dig deep into your DNA and find the common threads that moved your organization forward since founding.

How did you approach these challenges? What's your unique point of view? How do you view life? What are the touch-points of your life, and how do you view the world? Are you a victim or a victor? Do you believe life just happens or have you taken an active role? Who are your mentors? Detractors? Who makes you laugh, and why?

Give your stories attitude. Tone. A look at life -- a perspective -- so unique that your story can only come from one source: You.