Recommended Resources to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level

We can all use a little help sometimes when writing stories, creating presentations or simply writing an email. In order to make your message interesting and draw people in, you need to weave a good story.

Here are a few products that we can recommend to help you along the way:

Pip Decks Storyteller Tactics

Using Pip Deck’s storyteller tactics can greatly assist people with their storytelling for several reasons.

  • The deck offers a vast collection of prompt cards that cover a wide range of storytelling elements such as characters, settings, conflicts, and emotions. These prompts allow individuals to explore different angles and perspectives, injecting fresh ideas into their narratives.
  • The tactics provided in the deck encourage creative thinking and help overcome writer’s block by providing structure and brainstorming exercises.
  • The Pip Deck’s storyteller tactics promote engaging storytelling through its emphasis on character development, plot twists, and emotional impact, enabling storytellers to captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression. Courses

Taking storytelling courses at can greatly benefit individuals looking to enhance their storytelling skills. These courses provide invaluable insights from renowned storytellers, such as Neil Gaiman, Levar Burton or Shonda Rhimes, who teach techniques and share their own experiences to help students develop compelling stories.

Through in-depth lessons, participants learn the importance of engaging characters, immersive settings, and effective narrative structures. These courses also delve into various storytelling formats, including writing for novels, TV series, or film, allowing learners to gain a versatile skill set. By immersing themselves in these courses, individuals can elevate their storytelling abilities and convey their message effectively, captivating audiences in any medium.

Presenter Mastery

Want to learn how to be a better presenter? It’s time to straighten out your communication and own your next meeting, workshop and presentation! Telling a story and doing it properly go hand in hand. Learning to be a better communicator is essential to telling your story effectively.

Presenter Mastery is a communication training program that delivers:

  • Confidence: Know what to say and when so your message becomes clear and engaging
  • Delivery: The scientific skills that makes your audience listen
  • Content: Apply Storytelling in your presentation to increase anticipation, excitement and buy-in

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